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Welcome to PCEd! We understand the personal reasons why individuals choose to further their education and, as importantly, the sacrifices adult students make to take the first step to achieve their goals, but you are not alone! Over 17 million people have taken the GED exam to continue their education, to get a higher paying job, to feel better about themselves, or to be an example to their children. At PCEd, 2000 students have already enrolled in our GED preparation course for free!

PCEd provides FREE access to the GED prep course to anyone who is committed to studying for the exam. This prep course is designed for adults who have a ninth-grade level of education or higher. The course is online, self-paced, and includes a study guide and an assessment test to prepare you for the exam. You do not have to purchase a test book or enroll in any PCEd program to qualify!

I wholeheartedly believe that education is life transforming. Your success is determined by your willingness to pass the exam - you have to be highly motivated and self-directed because YOU take on the responsibility for learning and self-development. I also strongly believe that economic disadvantages, societal roadblocks, or cultural conditioning should not stand in the way of providing you with the opportunity to pursue your unique potential. It is my personal mission to provide an opportunity to help you take that first step the rest is up to you.

I want to wish you an abundance of success in all your future endeavors!

Christine Rocher Bosworth, Ed.D
Founder, PCEd

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